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Girls Night Out 3
January 28, 2011 @ St. Gregory's Byzantine Hall in Lakewood, OH
Guys Night Out Bonus Preshow:
1. The Duke VS. John Kermon
2. Gregory Iron VS. Kobald VS. "The Aftermath" Justin Lee VS. K.Fernadez VS. AERO! VS. Corey Winters
3. Tim Donst VS. Sonjay Dutt

Girls Night Out:
1. Roxie Cotton VS. Allysin Kay
2. Super Oprah VS. Mickie Knuckles
3. Isis VS. Jessicka Havok
4. Mickie Knuckles VS. Arella Angel
5. Madison Eagles VS. Mena Libra
6. AIW WOMENS TITLE: Angeldust (C) VS. Sara Del Ray
Gauntlet for the Gold 6
February 18, 2011 @ St. Gregory's Byzantine Hall in Lakewood, OH
1. PRESHOW Bonus Match: Da Latin Crime Syndicate VS. Lights Out & Mr. RBI/Kombat Kidd
2. PRESHOW Bonus Match: The Duke VS. Lamont "Action" Williams
3. WOMENS TITLE: Angeldust (C) VS. Jessicka Havok
4. Gregory Iron VS. Shiima Xion
5. INTENSE TITLE MATCH: Marion Fontaine (C) VS. Facade
6. A Call 2 Arms VS. AEROFORM VS. Irish Airborne
7. Tim Donst VS. Colt Cabana W/Southside St. Clair
8. Absolute Title: Johnny Gargano (C) VS. Bobby Beverly
Battle Bowl 2011
March 25, 2011 @ St. Gregory's Byzantine Hall in Lakewood, OH
1. LETHAL LOTTERY: Joey the Snake & Dalton Castle VS. "Mr. RBI" Izeah Bonds & Maximo Suave
2. LETHAL LOTTERY: Bobby Beverly & Gregory Iron VS. Hobo Joe & Ben Fruith
3. LETHAL LOTTERY: Chest Flexor & Shiima Xion VS. AERO! & Shawn Blaze
4. LETHAL LOTTERY: The Duke & Colt Cabana VS. K.Fernadez & Corey Winters
5. LETHAL LOTTERY: Luis Diamante & The Kombat Kidd VS. Facade & Christain Faith
6. Women’s Title MATCH: Jessicka Havok (C) VS. Sera Feeny
7. Tim Donst VS. El Generico
8. Absolute Title MATCH: Johnny Gargano (C) VS. Jimmy Jacobs
9. Irish Airborne VS. The Super Smash Brothers
10. Battle Bowl
TPI 2011 - Day 1
May 20 & 21, 2011 @ St. Gregory's Byzantine Hall in Lakewood, OH

Day One:
BONUS: 2 Preshow Matches From St. Louis Anarchy
1. FIRST ROUND: Greg Iron VS. John Kermon
3. FIRST ROUND: Dave Crist VS. Rickey Shane Page
4. FIRST ROUND: "Mr. RBI" Izeah Bonds VS. Sterling James Keenan
5. FIRST ROUND: Facade VS. Sugar Dunkerton
6. Mickie Knuckles VS. Mena Libra
7. FIRST ROUND: Bobby Beverly VS. Sonjay Dutt
8. FIRST ROUND: Flip Kendrick VS. Louis Lyndon
9. FIRST ROUND: Jake Crist VS. Jonathan Gresham
10. FIRST ROUND: Marion Fontaine VS. Colt Cabana
11. FIRST ROUND: Tim Donst VS. Mad Man Pondo
12. AIW Debut Of Green Man
13. Special Exhibition Match:
Absolute Champion Johnny Gargano VS. Akira Tozawa
14. FIRST ROUND: BJ Whitmer VS. Jimmy Jacobs
15. FIRST ROUND: Shiima Xion VS. Paul London

Day Two:
The quarter, semi, and final rounds of the tournament, and non-tournament action!
Road to Absolution
June 14, 2011 @ Around The Corner in Lakewood, OH
1. Corey Winters VS. K.Fernandez
2. The Chad VS. Southside St. Clair
3. Rickey Shane Page VS. Corey Futuristic
4. Joey "The Snake" Diamante VS. Ben Fruith
5. Gregory Iron VS. AERO!
6. The Chad VS. Super Oprah
7. Angel Dust VS. Allysin Kay
8. TABLES MATCH: Facade VS. Chest Flexor
9. Luis Diamante VS. The Duke
10. Absolute Champ Johnny Gargano VS. Bobby Beverly
Absolution VI
June 26, 2011 @ St. Gregory's Byzantine Hall in Lakewood, OH
1. 6 Pack Scramble: Sugar Dunkerston VS. Mammoth VS. AERO! VS. Kobald VS. Maximo Suave VS. Low Rider
2. BJ Whitmer VS. Eddie Kingston
3. "The Chad" Williams VS. Tursas
4. 10 Man Tag: Team Duke VS. Team Dalton
5. INTENSE TITLE: Marion Fontaine (C) VS. Shiima Xion VS. Chuck Taylor
6. Street Fight: Josh Prohibition VS. Gregory Iron
7. Eric Ryan VS. Bobby Beverly
8. AIW Tag Titles: The Olsen Twins (C) VS. The Irish Airborne VS. AEROFORM
9. Sabu VS. Facade
10. Rickey Shane Page VS. Vincent Nothing
11. ABSOLUTE TITLE: Johnny Gargano (C) VS. Tim Donst
Girls Night Out 4
July 29, 2011 @ St. Gregory's Byzantine Hall in Lakewood, OH
Guys Night Out 2 Preshow:
1. Kobald VS. Eric Ryan VS. Facade
2. Mad Man Pondo VS. Rickey Shane Page
3. Gregory Iron VS. Bobby Beverly
4. Chest Flexor VS. Johnny Gargano

Girls Night Out:
1. Mena Libra VS. KC
2. Veda Scott VS. Cherry Bomb
3. Allysin Kay VS. Mickie Knuckles
4. Sassy Stephie VS. Sara Del Ray
5. Roxie Cotton's Retirement Match:
Roxie Cotton VS. Portia Perez
6. FIRST BLOOD For AIW Womens Title:
Jessicka Havok (C) VS. Angeldust
The JT Lightning Memorial Show
September 25, 2011 @ Phantasy Theatre in Lakewood, OH
1. 8-Pac VS. Lars Rockne
2. The Canadian Bad Boy VS. KC Blood
3. Robby Starr VS. Chris Kole VS. Christian Vaughn
4. John McChesney VS. AERO!
5. Bane VS. Amazing N8 Mattson
6. Sassy Stephie VS. Nevaeh
7. Hardcore As Hell: Ian Decay VS. Mr. Insanity Toby Kline
8. Doink the Clown VS. Lord Zoltan via DQ
9. M-Dogg20 Matt Cross VS. Josh Prohibition
10. Allysin Kay & Jessicka Havok VS. Angeldust & Tuff Tina
11. 30-man Battle Royal
12. Mike Lightning, Sheik Abdul Hassan, & The Bouncer VS. Marion Fontaine, Shawn Blaze, & The Aftermath
13. Ladder Match: Faith In Nothing VS. Irish Airborne VS. Q&A
They Live
October 2, 2011 @ Puritas Lutheran Church in Cleveland, OH
1. BJ Whitmer VS. Davey Richards
2. AERO! VS. Facade VS. John Kermon VS. Izeah Bonds VS. Tony Kozina VS. Archibald Peck W/Veronica
3. Josh Prohibition VS. Eric Ryan
4. Intense Title: Marion Fontaine (C) VS. Bobby Beverly
5. The Chad VS. The Duke
6. The Chad VS. Tommy Mercer (TNA's Crimson)
7. Kyle O'Reilly VS. Sonjay Dutt
8. AR Fox VS. Uhaa Nation
9. AEROFORM VS. Johnny Gargano/Tim Donst
10. Cherry Bomb VS. Hailey Hatred
11. AIW Tag Titles: The Irish Airborne (C) VS. The Olsen Twins
12. Absolute Title: Shiima Xion (C) VS. Rickey Shane Page
Hell on Earth 7
November 25, 2011 @ Puritas Lutheran Church in Cleveland, OH
1. Eric Ryan VS. Facade VS. Samuray Del Sol
2. Da Latin Crime Syndicate VS. The Olsen Twins
3. Josh Prohibition VS. Gregory Iron
4. The Chad VS. The Duke
5. Intense Title: Bobby Beverly (C) VS. Izeah Bonds
6. AIW Tag Titles: The Irish Airborne (C) VS. AEROFORM
7. Uhaa Nation VS. AR Fox
8. Tim Donst VS. Johnny Gargano VS. Marion Fontaine VS. Rickey Shane Page
9. AIW Womens Title: Mickie Knuckles (C) VS. Mia Yim (Special Guest Ref: Gail Kim)
10. Absolute Title: Shiima Xion (C) VS. BJ Whitmer
11. Mad Man Pondo VS. Masada
BONUS: AERO! VS. Jay Bly VS. Stitch Syper VS. Matt Atrayou
BONUS: Beyond Wrestling Showcase: Dany Only VS. Nick Talent
Nightmare Before X-Mas 5
December 23, 2011 @ Puritas Lutheran Church in Cleveland, OH
1. Jock Samson VS. The Duke
2. St. Louis Anarchy Showcase: The Submission Squad VS. ACH/Davey Vega/Mat Fitchett
3. Pinkie Sanchez VS. Eric Ryan
4. Colt Cabana VS. AERO!
5. Intense Title: Bobby Beverly (C) VS. Facade
6. Chuck Taylor VS. Marion Fontaine
7. Gregory Iron/Colt Cabana VS. Youthanazia
8. Colin Delaney VS. Jimmy "Jam" Olsen
9. Tag Titles: AEROFORM (C) VS. The Batari VS. The Irish Airborne
10. BJ Whitmer VS. Rickey Shane Page
11. Dave "The Potato" Dawson VS. Johnny Gargano
Special Guest Ref: Tim Donst
BONUS: Luis Diamante VS. Jason Gory
BONUS: Beyond Wrestling Showcase: Jarek 1:20 VS. Maserati Rick

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